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The Health Organization Management Program has been designed as a unified program. Meaning that its content has been developed as on extended course spanning multiple semesters.

The following is a list of the HOM Courses. 




HOM 5306 HOM I: Introduction to Healthcare Systems Introduces the history and structure of the U.S. healthcare system. Students will learn policy analysis and managerial epidemiology competencies needed in future HOM courses.


HOM 5307 HOM II: Managed Care Orginizations Examines fundamental and contemporary issues in management of costs and payments in the healthcare industry.


HOM 5308 HOM III: Consumer-Driven Healthcare Design A systems-based view of healthcare organizations emphasizing evaluation, measurement, and quality issues.


HOM 5309 HOM IV: Integrated Healthcare Operations Analyzes and examines core healthcare operational and management issues from a legal perspective through the use of targeted cases and projects.


HOM 5382 Field Experience in HOM Exposes students to multiple levels of healthcare organizations while allowing them to develop skills in a defined project.
Field Experience Information

ISQS 5230 Managerial Decision Theory Examines normative and behavioral theories of decision making in business.
ISQS 5230 Website

ISQS 5231 Information Technology for Managers Examines information technology in organizations and its use in improving business processes and decisions for sustainable competitive advantage.
ISQS 5231 Website
BA 5199 MBA Capstone Course Integration and review of all M.B.A. core courses; comprehensive exam over all M.B.A. courses; evaluation of individual management and leadership skills; formulation of individual Career Development Plan; assessment of individual progress toward M.B.A. program goals.


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